OutPak Resources stocks a range of packaging supplies for fragile goods.

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is a cheap paper that is sold as large sheets or in rolls. It was originally used by butchers to wrap their meat and fish in, hence why many people refer to it as “butcher’s paper”. Fish and chippers also moved to wrapping their servings in butcher paper after decades of wrapping them in the previous day’s newspaper. (Some people are still adamant that they tasted better when they’d been wrapped in newspaper.)

For several applications, in fact, butcher paper was a notch up from the good old newspaper. While using yesterday’s paper was a highly economical option, the ink did pose a few problems. Some people seemed to have a problem with ingesting a bit of ink with their fish and chips, so the more hygienic, but still relatively cheap butcher paper replaced it.

Wrapping Fragile Goods in Butcher Paper

Scrunched up newspaper also provides a great cushioning effect, making it ideal for preparing fragile goods such as glass and china for transit. Items are wrapped, placed in packing boxes and more newspaper stuffed between breakable items. Filling all the gaps with newspaper effectively immobilises the goods and reduces the chances of anything breaking during the moving process. Here again, however, the news ink may occasionally leave an unwanted mark on the packaged item. OutPak Resources recommends packing the fragile items in butcher paper, the most economical and cleanest option.

A Staple Item in Schools and Kindergartens

Butchers paper (also known as newsprint) is a standard item in schools and kindergartens and is ideal for classroom projects. Most pre-schoolers will produce their paintings on butcher paper. The sheets are large enough to cater for developing fine motor skills and are cheap enough for the children to paint as many as they like. OutPak offers competitive pricing on their butchers paper rolls and sheets.

Because butcher’s paper is also produced in rolls, it is perfect for large signs and banners designed to attract attention and create an atmosphere. Sports days, school fetes and other special days wouldn’t be the same without the students working feverishly on their banners in the days leading up to the great event.

Teachers often use butcher paper when brainstorming ideas, lists of words or writing wall stories and display these in the classroom for future reference. Where children are required to create a large poster, the will often be provided with a higher quality and coloured paper, but here as well a sheet of good quality newsprint might suffice.

Disposable Tablecloths and Café Décor

Another application for the good old butchers paper is a disposable table cloth. This is perfect for children’s birthday parties where the hosts can often be left with a big mess on their hands. The table can then be cleaned up quickly and easily and simply be disposed of without worrying about getting the stains out. Buffet tables can also be lined with a paper table cloth, enabling you to write the names of the various dishes on the actual table cloth, along with any artistic designs. Some cafes may use a roll of brown butcher paper to display their menu along with daily specials.