Butchers Paper
This product is indispensable for any business involved in the packing and packaging supplies industry, while also having many domestic uses. Butchers paper is easily scrunched up to form a protective barrier around fragile items. The large sheets are also great for kids to draw on, and is a must have item for any school or child care centre.

Moving Boxes
If you’re planning to move home or office, then some sturdy moving boxes will be indispensable. These boxes are a designed to carry or store heavy items, and are also perfect for the long term storage of books and packaging supplies.

Gaffer Tape
A strong, water resistant tape, this is also sometimes known as gaff tape. It’s many popular uses includes concealing and protecting cables running along the floor during theatre and other staging work, but it also has a host of other popular uses. The name ‘gaffer’ is thought to come from the meaning of “chief lighting technician”. Features of this professional use tape include its ability to be easy torn by hand, meaning no knife or scissors are required to cut the tape to length.

Double Sided Tape

Whether you’re working on a school art project, or just want a clean and simple way to attach traditional photos into an album, then double-sided tape may well be your best bet. As with any packaging or other tape, the bonding surfaces should ideally be free from excessive dust and grime.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have as many uses as the size, colour and shape varieties they come in. Due to their versatility, the humble plastic garbage bag is found in millions of rubbish containers all over the world. Plastic bags can also be a space-efficient and dust free storage option for unwanted clothing and other household goods. They are always purchased in bulk, typically coming in either a rectangular box, or a roll, to facilitate the fast and easy pulling off of the next bag.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard board boxes come in a surprising range of grades, shapes and sizes. Typical uses are for storage and transportation of goods, either as loose items or stacked on pallets. Generally, the heavier the items to be stored in a cardboard box, the more rigid the box needs to be. There is a limit to how high cardboard boxes can be stacked, and if stacking heavy boxes on a pallet, avoid interlocking the boxes, as this reduces the overall strength of the load.

Bubble Wrap

This is a popular favourite with ecommerce suppliers and of course a staple item at any Post Office. If you’re involved in the packaging and transportation of fragile goods, a roll of bubble wrap should be a permanent part of your packaging supplies inventory. The plastic air-filled bubbles provide excellent protection to electronic and other items in the event of a sudden impact, and the wrap can be used either alone or in combination with other protective packaging products.